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established 2013!

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KBCraft gaming proudly supports Folding at Home

Our Team number is 233465

Come and join us.


[VP] frizzbee30 aVice Pres posted May 28, 18

Our player timing system can be a bit over zealous

If you find your times dont match and you havent been on for a while

please let me know and I will adjust

it tends to 'purge' inactive play times sometimes!

lock protection update

[VP] frizzbee30 aVice Pres posted Mar 2, 18

We have had a MAJOR lock item database update

This is to make the system 1.13 compatible

Please check your chests/doors etc are still locked/accessible

Let us know if there are any issues!

referreal system

[VP] frizzbee30 aVice Pres posted Feb 17, 18

The referral system will be going ahead, but has been delayed with real world pressures (I work away from home a lot)

The first stage of changing to a working 'ladder' rank plugin is now complete, and took some time to do!

There is still some testing and tweaking to do, but we hope to be live in the next couple of months

The system will offer reward points to spend for those bringing players, and the inviter too!

However if you actively bring new players, and they are on regular, please let us know......

[VP] frizzbee30 aVice Pres This is still on the cards, and will be happening, but this is one of our busiest periods in work, so it is more of a &#...
[VP] frizzbee30 Vice Presmajor plugin update
[VP] frizzbee30 Vice Presmajor plugin update!

Referral system on track, but work pressures rather severe at the moment!
[VP] frizzbee30 Vice Presplugins and server software updated
[VP] frizzbee30 Vice Pres  published playtimes on News
[VP] frizzbee30 Vice Presbig pluginupdate, let me know if any issues with world edit as two major components of it have been updated!
[VP] frizzbee30 Vice Presmajor plugin update
[VP] frizzbee30 Vice Presserver software updated
[VP] frizzbee30 Vice Presmajor plugin update
[VP] frizzbee30 Vice Presmajor plugin update
[VP] frizzbee30 Vice Presmajor pluginupdate
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