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++++++++++ KIT PVP ++++++++++ MOB - ARENA ++++++++++ BLOCK HUNT ++++++++++ HUNGER - GAMES ++++++++++ SKY - GRID ++++++++++ CREATIVE ++++++++++ SURVIVAL ++++++++++ SKYBLOCK +++++++++ PRISON ++++++++++ VANILLA ++++++++++ :thumb: play.kbcraftgaming.com 100 x 100 size creative plots! xxxxxxxxxx VIP AREA with VIP market and lounge xxxxxxxxxx Massive survival biomes xxxxxxxxxx unique custom warps in survival xxxxxxxxxx Extensive player market xxxxxxxxxx Rentable Buildings xxxxxxxxxx Player chestshop market! xxxxxxxxxx massive range of mini-games xxxxxxxxxx Great Plugins xxxxxxxxxx games hub xxxxxxxxxx Clean Chat xxxxxxxxxx play.kbcraftgaming.com :thumb:
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KB Gaming

kbcraftgaming.enjin.com  -  Multiverse server featuring Survival,Prison, Vanilla,Creative,Skyblock and multi...
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Ariel UltimateJPBuildTeam  created a new thread After a break from minecraft, i come back to a whole... in the Player Help requests forum
[VP] frizzbee30 Vice PresWe have had minor 'mishap' with our database storage, this has only affected enderchests and to a lesser extent autorank. If you feel that you lost items from your enderchest, please let us know via the forums.

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[VP] frizzbee30 Vice Pres  published commandsigns and touchscreenholograms on News
[VP] frizzbee30 Vice PresWe are now working on replacing our command signs, these will slowly start to work, we have however done the main ones first
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