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Survival Map download

[VP] frizzbee30 aVice Pres posted Aug 14, 16

Our 'old' survival map is here to download.

It is quite a large file as I have not had a chance to edit it down!


Nyron JPmod Ty Frizz!

Permissions plugin

[VP] frizzbee30 aVice Pres posted Aug 13, 16

We will be moving permissions plugin in the not too distant future

We have been working on an alterernative to our very outdated/buggy one for over 4 months, and after a LOT of hours it is nearly ready for rigorous testing before going into 'live'

A couple of points

- our old one was 'sloppy' and we know some users held onto 'temporary' boosts like fly indefinitely. These will be purged when we move over!

- players with explorer rank will be set back at 'traveler'... hand copying and converting around 2000 -3000 plus player files, a majority that will never rejoin, was just out of the question!

We will do our best to 'upgrade' players when we spot regulars, or raise a ticket on our website to have the rank amended

VIP's should be unaffected

It has been a 'gargantuam' task, and a steep learning curve..there will be oversights we can fix, but it will provide a more efficient and stable system

We will let you know when we plan to move over!



[VP] frizzbee30 aVice Pres posted Aug 12, 16

Our ever popular lottery is back and now it's bigger and better!

The prizes are bigger and include XP and diamonds for the winner

If no other players enter you get your fee back with no winners

There is a cool scoreboard

There is a cool GUI!

You can get the winnings in any world except



If you are in these worlds at the time the draw will be forfeit

/lottery buy to purchase a ticket


/lottery check to use the GUI to do it!

/lottery scoreboard for the scoreboard.

Survival Games

[VP] frizzbee30 aVice Pres posted Jul 22, 16

Survival Games is now open for 'Beta Testing'

We always aim to improve, but it should already be a fairly solid game!

The plugin itself is undergoing updates frequently so please feed back any bugs

It has a cool deathmatch feature, and lightning/crates at the end of the game

We hope you enjoy!

help us out

[VP] frizzbee30 aVice Pres posted Jul 14, 16